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Profile image of designer Reza Ernanda
Logo design with bike helmet for brand: 'Copilot - the Journey is the Destination'
Logo design with the sun behind a mountain for brand: 'Wanderlust Bar Company'
Logo design with animated letters of the brand: 'Megahouse'
by reza ernanda
Profile image of designer Mad pepper
Logo design with bear on a bicycle for brand: 'Bozzi’s Biscotti'
Logo design dog with a TNT-bomb in the mouth for the brand: 'DIY Gun Dog'
Logo design with a fox for the brand: 'Lone Oak Studios'
by Mad pepper
Profile image of designer Radovan Ciobanenco
Logo design with an animated letter T for the brand: 'Tilt'
Logo design with the brand name: 'Fit For Purpose'
Logo design with an animated letter N for the brand: 'Nordnorks Finans'
by Radovan Ciobanenco

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